Concrete Post-pour inspection

This article is about post-concrete inspection in which I have highlighted all the necessary steps which need to be inspected after decluttering of any concrete structure.


Concrete post placement activities shall consist of application and maintenance of curing compound or other methods of curing, form removal, concrete repair and storage of concrete cubes. The subcontractor shall demonstrate to QA/QC that curing has been maintained by the submittal of curing records.


Key Inspection points:

Following are minimum key inspection items that should be checked and/or verified as part of concrete post placement activities:

  • verify that the required method of curing has been initiated
  • verify that the placement is checked regularly to insure continuous curing (watch for dry spots)
  • verify that curing is maintained as long as required.
  • verify that severe weather precautions have been taken as required (hot or cold weather) as specified in specifications.
  • verify that concrete forms have been left in place as long as required to insure that form removal will not damage the concrete or workers (be cautious of forms supporting the weight of the concrete to insure the concrete has gained sufficient strength to support its own weight)
  • If repair of concrete is required, verify that it is repaired in accordance with specifications (based on the severity of the repair, determine if a nonconformance report is required)
  • verify that concrete cylinders are being stored on site in accordance with BS codes and job site requirements
  • verify that concrete cylinders are shipped to the testing laboratory and subsequently tested in accordance with BS and job site requirements Documentation


The Concrete Pour Card and Concrete Test Report and all supporting documents related to the concrete pour should be placed in the master file for the particular concrete pour. These files should be maintained throughout the construction process and processed in accordance with procedures of Control of Quality Records. A labeling system shall be developed for the project that maintains traceability between the concrete test report and the Concrete Pour Card.



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