Non Conformance Report Procedure

This article is about construction services Non- Conformance report(NCR).The purpose of (NCR) scope and responsibilities of all the involved parties and procedure of issuing and NCR.



1.1 Purpose

This procedure describes the proper identification, evaluation, disposition, and resolution of nonconforming items, and is an integral part of the Construction company Quality Program.


1.2 Scope

This procedure shall be used by the concerned Construction company personnel who perform work on the same projects to identify, evaluate, and resolve nonconforming items.

This procedure applies to nonconforming items and services identified through surveillances, audits, observations or actions by personnel, or the inspection of purchased items or services.

Personnel shall use the Log of Nonconformance Report (NCR) to identify, dispose, and resolve all nonconforming items.


 2.1 Definitions

Nonconformance:  An item, system, document, method, or activity that does not comply with an approved design, technical specifications, contracts, or procedures.

Reject:  Replacing a nonconforming item with an item that meets the applicable requirements.

Repair:  Request for the item to undergo a review and evaluation by Design and other appropriate parties so it may be modified to or accepted in a condition that does not meet the original specified requirements.

Rework: Making adjustments to the item in question to bring it into original design or specified condition. This is not considered a repair. “Rework” is an appropriate description for nonconforming administrative items, such as nonconforming contractor site-specific quality plans.

Void:  Indicates that after review and evaluation by appropriate parties, it was decided that it was not necessary to issue an NCR.

Use as is – A description requiring Design evaluation, used when the recommended resolution makes no changes or modifications to the nonconforming item or circumstance listed on the NCR.


3.1 Construction Site Manager

The construction site manager or designee shall implement and ensure adherence to the

scope and requirements of this procedure.


3.2 Site Quality Lead

The Construction Services site quality lead or designee shall ensure quality preplanning,

monitoring, and administration of this procedure. 

3.3 Construction Services Personnel

Construction Services personnel shall enter a description of the NCR resolution, attach relevant documents and/or pictures, and submit the resolution to consultant for NCR approval and closure. 

3.4 Project Engineer

The Engineering Services project engineer or designee maintains the responsibility for ensuring the timely response to all NCR reports forwarded to Design.



4.1 Nonconformance Identification

As the result of surveillances, inspections, or observations of day-to-day operations on the jobsite, there may be instances when an individual believes circumstances are contrary to an approved design, technical specifications, contracts, or procedures.

However, each situation may be unique and the guidelines regarding the issuance of an NCR shall be reviewed to ensure the proper identification of a nonconformance.

 Guidelines for Issuing a Nonconformance Report

Proper evaluation and investigation into the potential nonconforming item should be completed to determine the need for the issuance of a Nonconformance Report (NCR). The following criteria should be evaluated by all involved parties (including contractor/construction company coordinators, construction discipline and quality leads, construction site management, vendors and the appropriate designer) to determine the need for the issuance of an NCR:

  • Is there a possibility of recurrence? Can recurrence be prevented?
  • Will the item impact quality
  • Is there a safety concern? Will there be an impact on production or future work?
  • Does the item require engineering or vendor evaluation?
  • Does the item need to be documented?
  • Will the item generate a back charge or additional cost?

As a general guideline, if the answer to any of the above questions is yes, initiate an NCR.

Examples of items typically constituting the issuance of an NCR include:

  • Damaged equipment or material.
  • Fabrication errors.
  • Improper storage.
  • Items failing a test.
  • Administrative or documentation issues.
  • Improper installation.

Examples of items that may not constitute the issuance of an NCR include:

  • In-process fabrication rework, such as minor defects revealed during visual or walk through inspections.
  • Routine items found during surveillance or monitoring that may be readily corrected.

4.2 Initiation of Nonconformance Report 

4.2.1 Methods

If the evaluation of the potential nonconformance results in one or more of the afore mentioned criteria being met, an NCR should be initiated. An NCR may be initiated by a consultant or Contractor to its subcontractors.

  • Consultant initiates/generates an NCR to the main contractor.
  • In cases when a main Contractor identifies a nonconforming item, works or other non-conforming things, contractor may issue internal NCR to subcontractors. This internal NCR should be recorded in a separate Log than the NCR issued by consultant. 

4.2.2 Evaluation and Resolution Recommendation

Site management personnel shall evaluate the nonconformance, determine a recommended resolution, and determine the need for engineering evaluation of the nonconforming item. Supporting documentation and/or photographs shall be attached to the NCR. 


For future analysis and tracking, it is imperative the appropriate reason code is selected for the NCR Log and proper logging is done and updated.

 4.3 Notification of Nonconformance

All affected parties shall be notified of a nonconformance report by using the hard copies distribution of NCR report. This includes all affected subcontractors/vendors, Construction Management, Main Contractor QA/QC department, project Engineer. As a minimum, the following shall be notified via the PIMS E-mail distribution list each time an NCR is initiated:

  • Subcontractors involved in the NCR
  • Main Contractor site construction manager or designee.
  • Main Contractor site quality lead or designee.

 4.4 Resolution of Nonconformance

Depending on the nature of the nonconformance, the NCR may either be resolved onsite with the final closeout being performed by site management, or may be sent to consultant for resolution and/or comment.

 4.4.1 Design Resolution

The consultant, site quality lead, construction manager, or representative will initiate an NCR using the NCR Form, proper log should be kept and monitor it through completion. If the NCR requires Design approval as noted above, forward method of statement or appropriate means to consultant for approval prior to rectification of works. This will ensure the NCR is completed correctly, appropriate documents are attached and appropriate distribution and transmittals are made.

When an NCR method statement is forwarded to Consultant, the appropriate the consultant will supply main contractor with a detailed response and/or comment on how the NCR should be resolved.

When an NCR is resolved, QA/QC will prepare RFI (Request for inspection) for checking of the rectification of works, attach relevant documents and/or pictures, and submit to the Consultant for approval and closure.

4.4.2 Onsite Resolution

Site management shall be responsible for monitoring all NCRs and submitting recommendations from the site. If the internal NCR can be closed out from the site without having Consultant input, the site management will close out the NCR report.

When an NCR is resolved, Consultant shall review the description of the resolution as well as any relevant documents and/or pictures, and upon approval closes out the NCR.

4.5 Distribution of the NCR

Documentation on NCRs is essential for maintaining the integrity of Contractor work. Appropriate reference shall be established through one of the following:

  • Attach a copy of the NCR to the relevant drawings and/or specifications referenced on the NCR.
  • Stamp the affected drawings with the NCR number.

The completed NCR shall remain a part of the drawing(s)/specification(s) until a revision that contains the information referenced in the NCR is issued. If appropriate, a copy of the completed NCR should be included in referenced files or related documents.

 4.6 Status and Tracking Reports

NCR Log shows the status and stages of NCR closure process. And this Log must be constantly updated to keep track of the progress of the NCR issued.


For questions regarding the content and implementation of this procedure, contact the QA/QC department of Main Contractor.


Documents generated as a result of the NCR process shall be processed in accordance with procedures of Control of Quality Records.


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