What is the rolling operation on the asphalt pavement

In This article i have explained the rolling  operation & temperature requirements  for the Asphalt work at different stages and types of rolling and procedure of rolling operation have been explained.

Rolling operation:

Rolling should start as soon as possible after material has been spread at temperature of 140°C to 160°C depend upon the type of material, rolling consist of three consecutive phases.

  1. Breakdown rolling
  2. Intermediate rolling
  3. Final rolling

Breakdown Rolling:

Breakdown rolling compacts the material beyond the compaction imparted by the paver machine, to obtain practically all of the needed density. Final rolling removes roller marks and other blemishes left from previous rolling.

  • Steel wheeled rollers vibrating by configuration are the two axles tandem rollers weighing 3 to 14 tons or more.
  • Pneumatic tired rollers have to eight wheels in the front and four to eight wheels in the near weighing about 3 to 35 tons for the final rolling combination of steel vibrating and pneumatic tired rollers are used.

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