Interview Questions for Civil Structure Engineer

This article is for Civil Engineers and Structure Interview questions which is being asked in every interview by the interviewer if you are going to apply for Civil/Structure Engineer position so, you may know about the documents requirements for the reinforcement inspection at site and all these question you should remember while attending an interview which i have tried to explained below.

For Rebars inspection following documents approval must be ensured.

  • Latest revision of approved shop Drawing is available at site and all the site staff is working accordingly.
  • Make sure that Method Statement (MST) is approved.
  • Make sure that all material has approval.
  • Make sure all MEP services are installed and  approved from MEP Engineer of supervision consultants.

For Rebars inspection following items to be checked.

  • Waterproofing must be approved and screed protection of 50 mm must be done prior to start steel reinforcement ( in case of foundation)
  • Make sure the steel is free from rust & dust.
  • Steel top bars bottom bars (main bars & distribution bars) or (vertical bars & horizontal bars) Dia of bar number of bars & overlap length to be checked.
  • Extra bars & diagonal bars to be checked if any.
  • Size of beam to be confirmed as per the latest revision of approved drawings.
  • 6 mm black mild steel tie wire to be used.
  • Ring spacing must be ensured.
  • Concrete cover must be ensured. (30-75 mm)
  • In raft slab and roof slab depth of slab to be ensured as per approved shop drawings.
  • Setting out and levels to be ensured.

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