What are the key points to be considered for earth work inspection

This article is about earth work & soil inspection procedure and key points have been elaborated. Soils inspection shall be performed by qualified personnel who shall verify that requirements of the specifications, procedures and drawings are being met.


Key Inspection points.

The following are minimum key inspection items that should be checked and or verified

during earthwork operations:

  • proper equipment and method to achieve required compaction
  • proper foundation preparation
  • backfill is performed with acceptable material
  • lift thickness of backfill material
  • proper material moisture content
  • adequate compaction
  • testing frequency
  • verification that field tests on fill material are compared to the proper Proctor test
  • verification that backfill around pipes and other structures is performed in accordance with site specifications (generally thinner lift thickness and hand power tampers)
  • verification that field tests are performed in accordance with ASTM standards and that compaction test results meet or exceed job specification requirements Daily Inspection Report

In addition to the appropriate test data reports required for each field test, a Daily Inspection report may be required depending on the QA/QC department or consultant. Although particular requirements may vary based on job site requirements, the following basic minimum requirements should be noted on a Daily Inspection report or equivalent document.

  • Indicate all pertinent information and activities related to the key inspection activities noted above:
  • Type material encountered
  • Type and amount of equipment being used
  • Date, weather and temperature
  • Area(s) being worked
  • Number and type of personnel involved in the work
  • Indicate any irregular activities:
  • Failing tests
  • Equipment failure
  • Sudden changes in the weather
  • Changes in material encountered

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